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The First Seeds Fund* was established with a mission to break the cycle of poverty and abuse in our own backyards, by improving the lives of women and children, with a focus on community support, education programs and unemployment.

First Seeds is about those who have, giving to those who should have.

It’s as simple as that.

“The power of the First Seeds Fund comes not in the strength of the individual but through collaboration, the creation of a singular strong voice and a strategic approach to philanthropy,” says Janine Garner, founder of the First Seeds Fund. “Together we can all become architects of change.”

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Key Supporting Partner 


“I have dedicated my life to making a difference in the lives of other women.
It is my personal vision to make the world a better place for women, and First Seeds
 is an extension of this vision. I am inspired by Janine Garner and First Seeds’ work
 to ignite a positive and supportive community of women working to support young
 women less fortunate than most. With our value alignment, Narellan Pools and First Seeds will work closely together
 to be true architects of change at a grass roots level”.

Debb Meyer, Director, 
Narellan Pools




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