4 steps to create a healthy workplace

January 9, 2020

Is your company or business fulfilling its potential? Is it in good health? Most businesses still rely on their workforce to prepare, deliver, interact and support their services, clients or customers, not to mention each.....

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Is the opposite of Accountability me being Lazy…?

December 20, 2019

ACCOUNTABLE ME: Am I Lazy or Do We All Need a Push?  Just lately I’ve been watching my behaviour from the outside. With the help of a business coach, who.....

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Renewing our Faith in Trust

December 11, 2019

    Have you noticed? Trust has been missing in action the last couple of years and the latest report from the Edelman Trust Barometer indicates the patient is still.....

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Building a culture of lateral leadership

December 4, 2019

    The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “Everything changes and nothing stands still.” Well, you can put that one in the file marked ‘timeless classics’. Because surely, our determination to keep pace with.....

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Fearless Feminist

November 27, 2019

    Ladies, the time has come to get-out of your own way. It’s time to stop judging one another and instead encourage and empower each other to reach our.....

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Where Do You Belong?

November 20, 2019

    It was early morning and I was sitting on the front steps leading up to our house tying up my shoes before taking our two dogs for a walk,.....

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Who do you trust with your life?

November 13, 2019

    In the past two years, I have had three friends diagnosed with cancer, each one of the survivors in their own right. This has made me realise how.....

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The Perfect Elevator Pitch: What to Say and How to Say it 

November 6, 2019

  It’s easy to picture the likely circumstances which gave rise to the term “the elevator pitch”. You finally manage to come face to face with an important business person.....

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Evolve from the Balcony to the Staircase

October 10, 2019

I love the Balcony and Dancefloor concept of Ron Heifetz of Harvard Business School (a prolific leadership author – check his work out here).  It has revolutionised many a leader’s.....

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Somewhere under the rainbow is your arc of opportunity

October 8, 2019

When you look out to your career and/or personal horizon, what do you see? Is it a clear vision of where you want to be or do you find it.....

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Making your decisions count

October 2, 2019

Conventional wisdom says we each make 35,000 conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious decisions a day. These decisions might crop up in a business or professional environment, in our personal life, in.....

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Don’t assume the obvious is obvious

October 1, 2019

  I seem to have my best thoughts when I am travelling. Maybe the change of scenery helps to shift my BAU (business as usual) thinking and tap into something.....

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