Fiona Craig

I had heard about the concept of the LBD Group before it even launched, through a contact of mine. I loved the idea from the minute I heard it and couldn’t wait to join. Through my membership I have met incredible
business women – both entrepreneurs and corporate women – who are literally changing the face of business in Australia. It’s an inspiring group to be part of, but what I love most of all is the approachability of everyone I have met. It’s rare to be in a group of what most would think of as “high-powered” women, who are open,
honest and often display real vulnerability. That has been the major benefit for me – to understand that I am not alone in my journey and that there are many women who have gone before me, willing to share everything they have learnt. Thank you Janine for creating a unique environment in which women can be free to be exactly who they are meant to be.

Kelly Slessor – CEO, BanterMob

A mutual friend introduced me to Janine…. we met for coffee and she talked me through the LBDGroup.  I
attended my first dinner a week later and I was immediately taken by the openness, honesty, commitment and true sense of a collaborative group achieving amazing things. I joined the group a week after that and I can
honestly say being part of it is helping drive and grow not only me, but also my business.

Alicia Beachley – CEO, April5

LBD has true collaboration at its heart. Support, advice, connections, business and friendships, it is a dynamic organisation that attracts incredible women from all stages of business.

Kylie Green – Managing Director, Apollo Nation

My career has been in marketing which heavily relies on networking in groups, at functions and in social
situations. Over many years I have been involved in networking groups and attended many networking
functions. More often than not, I came away wondering if in fact I had made use of my valuable time really
networking? Finally I have found a networking group suited to my style and desire to be among women of
caliber. The LBDGroup is designed for senior level executive women in business. A classy group of savvy women, interesting topics of conversation, a desire to make a difference and the sharing stories about juggling every
aspect of life and career. I love the non-financial value I get from this group in terms of advice, connections,
introductions, help, recommendations, contra and the list goes on. It’s like having a Board meeting over dinner with some of the best female minds in business! For the first time in my career, I feel I have finally found a niche group of women that truly understand the power of a network and the best thing, friendships which will last a lifetime.

Milly Brigden – Director/Licensee, Property Investor Solutions Pty Ltd

Janine is infectious! When it comes to business and networking Janine hits it out of the ball park – whether you are an agronomist, a property specialist or a high-end fashion designer on the world stage, ten minutes with
Janine and you will know the gift she has to transform your business or product. More importantly though
Janine is a visionary – her most inspiring quality is her passion for life and commitment to be an architect of change, encouraging collective conscious to provoke fulfilling, successful, empowering and connected lives in our community….. and somehow she still manages to be an amazing and present mother of three!

Layne Beachley

Janine has created an amazing resource and support group for women across the globe. Committed,
passionate, inspirational and positive, Janine is focused on empowering women and supporting their efforts to achieve their dreams.

Kath Creel – Business Owner, Impact AV Australia

LBDGroup offers think tanks, business connections, mentorship, philanthropy and sponsorships all powered by women for women. As a woman business owner it is great to have a well rounded group of highly professional women to seek out knowledge and form business relationships with. I highly recommend LBDGroup and Janine Garner if you want to increase your business and value with your customers.

Abigail Disney

The LBDGroup’s philanthropic fund, First Seeds Fund,  is an example of everything that’s right in this world. When we all work together and dream together and fight together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish! Set the bar higher than you ever imagine you can reach, and then surprise yourself with the way you soar over it!