Kelly Irving – Thinker.Editor.Writer.Mentor.Coach

You never know what you’re missing in life until you find it. That’s how I feel about being part of LBD. To say this network has helped wiht my career growth would be an understatement, but I’ve also found knowledge, support, a go-to place for recommendations and advice as well as friends. You’ll get back what you put in so don’t just join and wait for things to happen. The network works when you make it work for you.

Kimberly Hutchings – President & CEO – Volo Mission

I am truly grateful to Janine and the group of women she has brought together because my business would not be where it is today without being a part of the LBDGroup. Being a member has given me the unique
opportunity to be in an environment with like-minded women to discuss business ideas, learn from, and ask for help if I need it. Being a part of the LBDGroup means; celebrating each other’s successes as well as supporting each other when things get bumpy. I joined the LBDGroup to grow and expand my mind in terms of business, what I did not anticipate was making what I know will be lifelong friendships.

Renata Cooper – Angel Investor & Founder & CEO, Forming Circles Global

Professionally, women in LBDG circle are true business women, with great leadership skills, ability and commitment to their business/job. High performance/high intelligence/high ability which we can see as many receive prestigious awards and are thought leaders and experts in their field. I love learning from them and respect their mind. Apart from the professional achievements, these women can be so much fun,
they offer help and friendship when needed, celebrate together. Janine, you are one inspiring leader that is so generous with your networks and support. I love the synergy of what we strive to achieve for women and although we take different paths we are here to give opportunities, support and share success. Meaningful collaborations, not the opportunistic leverage is the way forward if we are to bring upon lasting change for women.

Julia Van Graas – Partner, EY

LBDGroup just feels like someone’s got my back! Whether it’s getting to a dinner, or just able to connect via Facebook, I know I have an amazing group of women for counsel, encouragement & laughter. What has it meant to me personally? I have just been making some big career decisions. Who would have thought that anywhere you go in Australia there’s an LBD to help you out!

Cara Cochrane – Communications Manager, Woolworths

Besides being constantly wowed by the genuine support this group offers the great thing is that this group
humanises success. It’s showed me that behind the accolades and the highly regarded reputations, lies women who have truly worked hard, who have learnt to understand their strengths and played to them, had self doubt but continued to push ahead. I find every member wonderfully inspirational…yet relatable. Every cool little achievement I see posted, pushes me to keep going. It’s helped me realise life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Margot Andersen – Director, talentinsight

The LBDGroup has been a breath of fresh air that has taken networking to a whole new level. It is real, authentic and purposeful. Not only has it become a pivotal part of my own career and business journey offering unbelievable support and collaboration it has also been a source of ongoing encouragement, learning and genuine connection. This is a group of smart, commercially savvy, connected women who are committed to doing great things, with great people for the long term and who are above all generous of both time and spirit.

Elise Mah Chut – CEO, Style & Sensibility

The LBDGroup has played a major part in my journey moving from a successful corporate career to running my own personal styling business. What I love about Janine, as the founder of LBDGroup, is that she not only has a knack for big picture thinking, but she is able to help me narrow down on what’s really important, what really matters, and what I need to do at each stage of business. Her generosity is felt both professionally and
personally, the spirit of giving in collaboration is filtered throughout the amazing community of entrepreneurs and business women within the LBDGroup. Whether you are a start up, an established business or leader in corporate, I would highly recommend LBDGroup to help negate your way to success.

Katherine Gonzalez-Cork – General Manager Memberships & Strategic Partnerships, Queensland Law Society

Being a part of the LBD community is more than just connecting and collaborating. It’s about strategic business and personal support, accountability, authenticity and humility. Our members are generous with their time, knowledge and commitment. Janine and the group have personally and professionally guided and supported me over the last 3 years to proudly be a disrupter & change maker in my field. They sit with extreme pride, right next to you along your journey, collectively holding their heads high with you. Truly unique!!!

Sharyn Reichstein – Senior Manager, Diversified Institutions Division, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Rarely do I come across an individual like Janine Garner with the ability to galvanize the energies of women from all sectors of life and business.  Her passion for helping women strive for and achieve their individual goals in a collaborative and supportive environment is unstoppable!   Dinner table conversations have been inspiring and spirited, with guards down and honest conversations had without fear or favour.  I admire Janine and her LBD gals and especially love the way glamour never takes a back seat to the proceedings!   LBD is a must for the self-driven, willing to share their experiences, learn from others and continue their quest for success – whatever that may look like…