From Me to We

Janine Garner has the experience and knowledge in both the corporate arena and as an entrepreneur to futureproof YOUR business, YOUR career, YOUR success.
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You’re a great leader. You’re accustomed to working alone, internalising thoughts, ideas, creativity. Being in your own space.

But… the business landscape is changing at an incredibly fast pace. The future outlook is one of uncertainty and constant challenges. And that ‘Me’ space you’ve lived in for so long? It isn’t enough anymore. To succeed on a long term basis, you need to engage. To understand the value of your team. To gain the confidence of those who ideate, who create, who support. You need to embrace the worth of commercial collaboration, and be a part of the ‘We’ space.

Janine Garner’s From Me To We: Why Commercial Collaboration Will Future Proof… is a savvy guide that offers you the secrets to being authentically you in the ‘We’ space. It is filled with the tools, ideas and suggestions for opening up to a smarter way of business thinking which will position you well for future business success.

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From Me to We by Janine Garner

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