How do I become a member of LBDGroup?
Membership to the LBDGroup is either via application and/or referral. You can either contact an existing member and ask them to invite you or alternatively complete the application form in the following link Apply Now

What countries does LBDGroup operate in?
The LBDGroup head office is based in Sydney, Australia and is operating across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Whilst we do not currently host events outside of Australia, we do have plans to launch our Group internationally.   You are welcome to apply for membership to receive access to the exclusive Member content and its associated benefits, or alternatively join our mailing list  to receive our online monthly magazine – GLOSS. You will be the first to know of our international launch plans as they develop.  Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email info@thelbdgroup.com.au and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

What opportunities are there to promote my business via the LBDGroup website?
If you are a member of the LBDGroup you have the opportunity to feature on the home page and provide a photo and profile of yourself.  This opportunity is open to all members.  If you are interested in this exposure simply email info@thelbdgroup.com.au.   Members and non-members can write and submit articles to feature in our monthly online magazine GLOSS at info@thelbdgroup.com.au.  You will be able to credit your article accordingly with information about yourself and your business.   If you wish to become a more active partner of the LBDGroup, supporting the vision of the Group and its members, then please contact support@thelbdgroup.com.au 

How do I find out details of up coming events?
All LBDGroup events will be publicised via an email newsletter and the events section of our website.  Visit Events Page for the latest event details.

Group Etiquette
Every member of the LBDGroup knows that what is said within the confines of our community, stays within the confines of LBDGroup. It is an exercise in trust, which is why our success is building and why our members are so happy to share their knowledge and the ins and outs of their business or career growth plans. Every member gives back in some way – whether it is through their insights in our monthly online magazine, GLOSS; whether it is through mentoring those within their industry or field of expertise. It’s about all of us actively encouraging and assisting each other to achieve personal and professional goals. We are not about talking over each other; we are about listening and celebrating the success. We are about praise. We are about making sure that woman (and our male champions of change) understand their worth in the workplace – and driving change to see even more women be at the forefront of business success, whether it is their own enterprise or as chiefs of industry.

My membership application was not approved however I believe my previous experience will allow me to add value to the LBD Group.  What should I do next?
Membership of the LBDGroup is via application and/or referral and to ensure the Group remains a trusted and authentic place for members to connect we strive to approve membership for successful, results oriented professionals and entrepreneurs.  If you believe your profile corresponds to our membership criteria, we kindly invite you to email us at info@thelbdgroup.com.au with additional information about your experience, business involvement and value you can add to the LBDGroup in order for us to review and complete your application.

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