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Paula Kensington – CEO

Paula is passionate about empowering others; it’s in her DNA.

Winding the clock back, Paula’s mission to help others take life by the reigns likely stemmed from her own eager start on the corporate ladder. Leaving school at 16, she was determined to start her adult life as early as possible and leave behind the tough lessons she’d learned in the school yard. Little did she know that standing up to young bullies in the classroom would be a valuable skill to conjure later in boardrooms the world over.

Her corporate career has seen Paula navigate award-winning success through seizing chance, working damn hard and, of course, the invaluable support of her initial mentors. A veteran CFO, Paula has donned a suit for 25+ years holding senior executive positions across large multinationals and smaller ASX listed businesses. The result? Witnessing the same challenges across every business no matter the size, sector, or perceived complexity – she quickly realised that although the problems could be diverse, solutions were often similar.

Aside from the commonalities, her experience at executive and board level allows Paula to see – and communicate – the importance of big picture strategy. A skill she discovered is not limited to finance, for it has laid the foundation of all her endeavours. Her super-powers are being decisive, simplifying the complex and unleashing the extraordinary in others. Her boundless energy and inspiring motivation is contagious with those whom she connects and works with.

The lightbulb moment came when she realised that the value amongst all this was in fact her and not in the company she worked for. And she has been helping people realise this ever since. From penning whitepapers to giving keynotes and developing mentoring programs; Paula harnesses her extensive experience to help others to become more, see more and do more.

It is perhaps the lack of female role models in her formative years that prompted her to seek and surround herself with inspiring women and later, culminated in her becoming a role model herself.

From founding PK Advisory and CFO Conversations in 2018 to becoming the CEO of the LBD Group not long after in 2019, it doesn’t take a detective to spot the pattern. The traits which seep through all of Paula’s business ventures are the same, connecting and empowering others. It is her contagious enthusiasm and passionate belief in people that inspires them to become spirited, determined, and more valuable contributors to their organisations and towards personal goals – whatever they may be.

Practicing what she preaches, she’s never quite finished… Engrained in her is the importance of 360 degree views across business, self, and the need to evolve and adapt with the worlds ever mutating landscape. This drew her to step up as CEO at LBD with great excitement as she plans to take it, and its members, to the next level.

So, what’s in store for LBD, and you as members? Support, growth, adaptation and a little fun. Because when women are supported, empowered and encouraged to always be bigger, better and stronger – everyone succeeds. Globally.


Paula works with a small number of mentees every year and places fill up very quickly. For further information, and to ensure you don’t miss out on this invaluable business tool, email


Paula is a regular contributor to The LBG Group blog. To read some of Paula’s thoughts click here


Janine Garner – Founder

As a trusted adviser, high growth entrepreneur and business leader with over twenty years international experience working on some of the world’s best retail and consumer brands, Janine Garner is one of Australia’s most thoughtful experts on leadership, belief and collaboration. An author, speaker and motivator, Janine is passionate about the return to open and transparent corporate relationships, the power of commercial collaboration in future proofing careers and businesses and the opportunity that exists when we network to build transformational connections that will drive influence, personal positioning and impact.

Janine is the founder of the LBDGroup and a Partner at Thought Leaders Global.  Janine works with leaders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in all walks of business teaching them to connect, contribute and collaborate to build their commercial success.

Janine spent 20 years working across the world in corporate marketing roles for some of the world’s best brands including Ralph Lauren, Oroton, Jaeger, Sainsbury’s Homebase and Citizen Watches. Her corporate career saw her launching, rejuvenating and driving business growth and shareholder value along with award winning marketing campaigns and strategies.

She is the author of the Wiley internationally published book, “From Me To We – Why commercial collaboration will future proof business, leaders and personal success”, a practical handbook filled with tools, ideas and suggestions for opening up to a smarter way of business thinking which will position you well for future commercial success.

With a Bachelor of Science in Management and Business Administration, Janine is the winner of an International Stevie Award, a Top 10 finalist in the DARE Magazine Daredevil Awards and was listed in 2013 as one of Australia’s “Most Inspiring Women” by Madison Magazine. In July 2016 Janine received an Honorary Doctorate of Science degree from her university in the UK.

Janine is a sought after keynote speaker, mentor and advisor. She writes every week for her own blog and is a regular commentator in the business print and on-line media, including The Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, Success Magazine, BRW, Women’s Agenda, AIM and The Australian and regularly appears on TV and radio. Janine is also the founder of Australia’s first gift giving circle, the First Seeds Fund, committed to reducing the impact of poverty and abuse in Australian communities with a focus on women and children.

Her client list is wide-ranging and diverse and includes the IT, banking & finance, law, retail, property and fitness industries. Examples include Hewlett Packard Enterprise Australia, CBRE, Cisco, Department of Defence, Clayton UTZ, Servcorp, Think Tank Media, Fernwood Fitness, Bras ‘n Things, Scentre Group and APSMA.

Janine has published her second book “Its Who You Know” which is now a best seller.


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