Rohan Dredge

    I help technical experts become people leaders.™For more than two decades I have taught leaders the essential skills to help them make the leap from someone who is excellent at their job to someone who is outstanding at leading people. I’m a People Architect who helps design and build people to be proud of.

    • Possessions of the Soul

      Four things leaders have that emotions will never take away The possessions of your soul, beat emotions that you feel, every time. Leading by and through emotions is the hallmark…..

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          I was sitting with Frank one day testing a statistic I’d read. Frank had been leading for more than forty years and I had learnt that only 20%…..

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    • Leadership Refinements

          I have a dysfunctional relationship with cars. On one hand my list of saved cars online consists of everything from luxury dreams to more pragmatic family wagons, through…..

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