Louise Agnew

    Inspired by so many amazing openhearted women, Louise Agnew has fulfilled her dream of creating a financial education academy for this century’s woman. Having been a licensed financial adviser for over 8 years, worked in progressive financial companies, boutique financial planning and banking, worked overseas and with women from all walks of life, Lou has learned from her clients that they value the security and wellbeing of their family above all else. Her passion in financial literacy is evident in all she does and Lou aims to work with several organisations on financial literacy programs in schools by trying to make them more relevant for our kids today. Her aim is to lead the financial planning industry by ensuring that women and youth are more financially prepared. Her mantra is: Say YES as it can always be done, being solutions focused gets results

    • Who do you trust with your life?

          In the past two years, I have had three friends diagnosed with cancer, each one of the survivors in their own right. This has made me realise how…..

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    • Why Women are Investment Naturals

      When it comes to making investment decisions that deliver excellent returns in the long term, women are streets ahead of their male colleagues – and we’re not the only ones…..

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    • The Real Cost of Retirement

      When you’re looking at saving and planning for retirement, it’s important to know how much you can expect to be spending. The latest retirement standard figures and other data sources…..

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    • Spending Habits of the Rich… and Not-So-Famous!

      Do you know your spending habits? This month I have been training some clients on their spending habits and trying to get them to understand the psychology of spending. Errol…..

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    • Oh shit, where’s my super gone?

      I seriously hear this all the time from new clients.  Isn’t it true? The annual statement arrives and you stare at the page blankly! “I thought I was supposed to…..

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