Jenny Brockis

    Dr. Jenny Brockis is passionate about all things "brain".  She helps businesses and individuals develop and benefit from a brain friendly work culture. As a Medical Practitioner and author of 3 books, Jenny can show you how to improve your mental flexibility and agility necessary to thrive in our increasingly complex world.

    • Why We Slip n’ Slide With Our Habits

      “Your actions become your habits Your habits become your values Your values become your destiny” – Mahatma Gandhi Have you ever put in the time and effort to establish a…..

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    • When You Lose A Good Colleague

      There’s been a lot written about how to deal with toxic relationships and poisonous environments at work. Which is important because sadly there’s a ”lot of it about.”  But what about those times when someone…..

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    • Renewing our Faith in Trust

          Have you noticed? Trust has been missing in action the last couple of years and the latest report from the Edelman Trust Barometer indicates the patient is still…..

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    • Where Do You Belong?

          It was early morning and I was sitting on the front steps leading up to our house tying up my shoes before taking our two dogs for a walk,…..

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    • Always in a rush? The Power of Slow

        I was late for a meeting with a potential client. Tripping along the pavement in my work shoes that had a heel slightly higher than I was comfortable with,…..

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    • Are You Hiding An Inconvenient Truth?

      If we’re going to be really honest here, let’s face it, we don’t always tell the truth. Sometimes it can be a blatant lie – the risk being here it…..

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    • Managing Expectations Great and Small

       What did you expect?  Expectations. We all have them. Some we fashion for ourselves. Others may be foisted on us and can be a burden or a joy.  To achieve…..

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    • When You Lose A Good Colleague

      There’s been a lot written about how to deal with toxic relationships and poisonous environments at work. Which is important because sadly there’s a ”lot of it about.”   But what…..

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    • The Benefit Of Becoming A Pro-sleep Activist

      While recently watching a TV show that examines the wonderful world of advertising, a spoof ad proposed that the imminent threat to the worlds’ coffee crop from the loss of…..

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    • Let’s Give Your Brain A Break

      Having been brought up with an Anglo-Saxon work ethic I had always believed that the only way to get anywhere in the world was to work hard, and then work…..

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    • Ten Ways to Create Greater Happiness in Work and Life

      You love your work, don’t you? Isn’t that why you decided you wanted to be an entrepreneur, to take charge of your own destiny so you could do the work…..

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    • Is It Time to Ditch Resilience?

      There’s a lot being spoken about the need for greater resilience to help us navigate the increasing complexity and demands of life and work today. But is resilience the answer,…..

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