Emma Bannister

    Emma is an award winning expert and knows everything you will ever need to know when it comes to designing and creating presentations that work. Growing up in a small town north of London, the ‘big smoke’ was never far from view. Emma designed presentations for banks that traded in high standards and fast deadlines. Their expectations ignited her ambition, leading her to bigger and bluer skies. Emma arrived in Australia in 2002. Knowing intelligent visuals packed a powerful punch; Emma took her passion for presentations one step further, launching Presentation Studio from her kitchen table in 2006. As the CEO Emma is no longer a “designer”; instead her creative skills are applied to visualising business ideas and plans for the company’s future.

    • Do you have the right strategy behind your slides?

      Remember this golden rule by Duarte, the world’s leading presentation company: ‘Don’t deliver a presentation you wouldn’t want to sit through.’ Continue reading

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    • How to pitch a powerful presentation

      A powerful presentation is the most critical tool in communication and business today. When you communicate clearly articulated messages, you: win multi-million-dollar projects secure buy-in from your team or organisation…..

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    • Why Creativity in 2020?

      I once attended a conference where everyone in the audience was asked: ‘Are you creative?’ A few hands went up around the room, but not many. Until the speaker explained…..

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    • Kick start your inner creative

      ‘Are you creative?’ I recently attended a conference where the speaker asked us this very question.  A few hands went up around the room, but not many. The speaker then…..

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    • Engage your audience from the get go

      At a recent conference, the presenter before me started strong with a great topic and a room full of people. But she soon started struggling. She read – no, rambled…..

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