Emily Verstege

    Dr Emily Verstege is a customer experience futurist, speaker, author and mentor to the leadership of Australia's largest and most exciting agencies. Emily is an expert at capturing and integrating customer voice into business strategy and governance frameworks.

    • I’m bringing the human back

      One of the great pleasures in my life is sitting with smart, savvy business women and talking—really talking—about our work, our lives, and the challenges we share. Often, these conversations…..

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    • Love the ones you’re with

      LOVE THE ONES YOU’RE WITH: HOW CUSTOMER RETENTION DRIVES BUSINESS GROWTH A few years back, I was invited to sing at a friend’s wedding. Music is really important to them……

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    • Humans first – putting the ‘I’ in innovation

      In his first address to the National Press Club, Australia’s Chief Scientist recounted the now (much studied) story of the building of the Vasa: a case study of innovation gone…..

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    • Your future game plan

      World, disrupted. We’re in the middle of the largest, most rapid change in human history. It’s driven by an exploding population obsessed with making and consuming smarter, faster and cooler…..

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