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Whether you are already achieving success in the corporate world or your own business, building a corporate career or simply wanting to achieve more  and maintain your growth, LBDGroup will provide the connections, the events, the learning and the experience to maximise your potential and your success.

Our members are business leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who are committed to building success for their own and each others businesses through sharing connections, knowledge, learnings and insight.

LBDGroup is all about commercially smart, like-minded women connecting, contributing and collaborating to drive success for each other.  It’s about gaining honest and real support from other leaders and business owners who have been there and done that.  It’s about achieving your business goals and networking for growth and success.  We know we are stronger and smarter together.  We know that together we can find answers, create new ideas, develop strategies and plans that work.   We make introductions, we provide connections, we make things happen.

LBDGroup is about community.

It’s about business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs collaborating and accelerating growth.

It’s about creating sustainable, leverageable and successful careers and businesses.

This is not a meet, greet and quickly swap cards and walk away business network. The LBDGroup is about community.  It is about building a network that works.  It is about connection.  It is about being able to sit down in an exclusive, unique and intimate environment and truly talk with other business people who may already inspire you – or making those new connections whom you yourself can assist in some way with your own expertise and creative thinking.

It is a think tank, a place for debate, inspiration, ideas and driving change.

It’s a place for connection, business opportunity, partnership creation and business development.

Members of the LBDGroup are cross functional and cross industry. Lawyers, bankers, marketing and PR professionals, media, mining, construction, designers, jewellery, fashion, philanthropists, non-for-profit, human resources, fitness, health and well-being, property, sales, speakers and authors to name but a few. And with a fabulous mix of corporates to own business it is the quality of conversations that we have that make us so different.

Our members are described as fearless, funny, fiercely intelligent, outspoken, thoughtful, proud of their achievements (and rightly so), forthright – but there is one word that resonates from all newcomers, but doesn’t surprise those who have been within the community for longer than a few months.


Generous of time, knowledge and spirit.

If this sounds like you, we would love to meet you.

“Rarely do I come across an individual like Janine Garner with the ability to galvanize the energies of women from all sectors of life and business.  Her passion for helping women strive for and achieve their individual goals in a collaborative and supportive environment is unstoppable!   Dinner table conversations have been inspiring and spirited, with guards down and honest conversations had without fear or favour.  I admire
Janine and her LBD gals and especially love the way glamour never takes a back seat to the proceedings!   LBD is a must for the self-driven, willing to share their experiences, learn from others and continue their quest for success – whatever that may look like…” – Sharyn Reichstein

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