Margot Andersen

Margot Andersen is a global careers and talent mobility expert. As the owner and founder of talentinsight Australia and Insync Network Group, she is passionate about seeing individuals confidently owning their careers; and organisations building and leveraging the capability of their people as they move in and around the business and globe.

  • Spotting Leadership Potential

    ‘When opportunity knocks, will you answer the door….AND hold it open for others?’– John C Maxwell ‘Who me?’… ‘Are you sure?’…. ‘Gosh I hadn’t really considered it’ Thinking back over…..

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  • The Power of Being A Connector

    We all know that people are the conduit to success – or failure. How we build and leverage our connections, ultimately determines our ability to influence successfully. Influence our careers, influence our teams and influence our results. What can you do today to build your power as a connector? Continue reading

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  • How people fit is your business

    “The wrong person in the wrong place = Regression The wrong person in the right place = Frustration The right person in the wrong place = Confusion The right person…..

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  • Leading others to shine

    ‘People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight’ – Anon We all know that the best leaders bring out the best in their people. Be it sporting leaders, cultural…..

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  • The power of being a connector

    ‘Connect, create meaning, make a difference, matter, be missed’ – Seth Godin There is something quite magical about meeting or knowing a ‘connector’. Those unique people who always seem to…..

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  • Overcoming the silo mentality

    ‘You are confined only by the walls you build yourself’ – Anon Ask any business leader today what their biggest barrier is to driving innovation, delivering growth or increasing efficiency…..

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